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Spiritual Testament of Luisa Piccarreta

On March 4, 1947, the day Luisa Piccarreta transited to Heaven, she declared:

”Now I die with greater contentment because the Divine Will has

consoled me more than usual with Its presence in these last few

moments of my life.

Now I see a long beautiful and spacious road, illuminated by an

infinite number of resplendent suns - oh yes, I know them!

They are the Suns of my acts done in the Divine Will!

This is the road that I must now take; it is the road of my

victory; it is the way of my glory, which will unite me with the

immense happiness of the Divine Will!

It is My Road; it is the Road that I have prepared for you. It is

the Road that I will keep reserved for all the souls who will ever

want to live in the Divine Will”

(These last words of Luisa were drawn up and signed by Don Benedetto Calvi, last confessor of the Servant of God.)

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