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Jesus Christ has risen to give us Divine Life!

Book of Heaven, Vol 24, April 12, 1928 (24-6)

Jesus: "And just as my death was necessary, so was my Resurrection necessary to my love, because by doing his will, man lost the life of my Will, and I wanted to rise again to form not only the resurrection of the body, but the resurrection of the life of my Will in it.  Had I not risen again, the creature could not have risen once again in my Fiat; she would have lacked the virtue - the bond of her resurrection in Mine, and therefore my love would have felt incomplete.  It would have felt it could do more but was not doing it, and so I would have remained with the hard martyrdom of a love that is not complete.  If then ungrateful man does not make use of all I have done, the evil is all his own, but my love possesses and enjoys its full triumph.”


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