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Happy Birthday #158 Luisa

Today, we joyfully celebrate the 158th birth of our beloved Luisa Piccarreta, little daughter of the Divine Will. Our hearts swell with gratitude, Lord, for the precious gift of her life.

Luisa was lovingly created by You, for Your glory and for the Coming of Your Kingdom. You safeguarded and cultivated her, molding her in the life of Your Divine Will. Through her selfless life of suffering, she became a vessel for Your profound message of love.

Praise and thanks to You, Lord Jesus Christ, for bestowing upon us this extraordinary soul, who serves as our guide, teacher and example of how to live in your most Holy and Divine Will.

We humbly beseech You, Jesus, to draw countless souls toward this profound spirituality, inspiring them to embrace life in Your Divine Will. With heartfelt sincerity, we ask this through the intercession of Luisa, in recognition of the immeasurable love and truth You have poured into her.

May Your Most Holy Will come to reign on earth as it is in Heaven, and may we all rejoice in its manifestation.

In jubilant celebration of Luisa's life,

Ave Maria Divine Will

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